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Pantelis Vorkas
Advocate - Legal Consultant, Partner

Pantelis Vorkas is specialising in commercial and finance litigation where he has practiced the breadth of matters from advising on commercial trusts and tax to acting in large and complex foreclosures and debt restructuring proceedings in and out of court. He is currently leading the Financial & Debt Restructuring services of the firm.

He has also substantive experience in cases involving human rights violations and challenging the unfair exercise and abuse of power by public authorities and large-scale private corporations, as well as breaches of the rights to life, freedom of expression, fair trial and protection from discrimination.

Pantelis represents a wide range of clients including big corporations, start-ups and wealthy individuals. He appears regularly before numerous tribunals such as the Supreme Court, Admiralty Court, Administrative and District Court of Cyprus as well as the ‘‘British Sovereign Bases of Cyprus’’ Court. Furthermore, he is handling high profile cases before the European Court of Human Rights.

Moreover, Pantelis is the Disciplinary Prosecutor and Legal Advisor of the Cyprus Volleyball Federation and Judicial Commissioner of the Cyprus Advertising Regulation Organization.
Pantelis holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sussex and a Master of Laws in Shipping, Tax & Trust Law from King's College London.

Pantelis qualified as an Advocate in 2015 and he is a Partner of the Firm since 2022.

• Represented successfully a wide circulation Cyprus newspaper before the Supreme Court in a high profile libel case brought by a member of the Cyprus Parliament where the Honourable Court reversed the First Instance’s Court judgment based, inter alia, on recent cases of the European Court of the Human Rights enhanced the freedom of expression and its form as it concerns publications referring public figures;

• Represented successfully a private individual involved in a serious accident before the District Court by achieving to set aside a prior negative arbitration decision due to mistrial by the Arbitrator assigned who was also ordered to pay the costs of the civil procedure;

• Represented successfully a Construction Company by achieving the cancellation of the foreclosure procedure for the forced sale of valuable immovable property of the former brought by the creditor, a major bank in Cyprus;

• Represented successfully a private individual by achieving the cancellation of the foreclosure procedure brought by the creditor, a major bank in Cyprus;

• Represented successfully a well-known Cypriot journalist before the European Court of Human Rights, passing the admissibility stage, in a high-profile libel case against the Republic of Cyprus involving a former Deputy Attorney General;

• Represented successfully a private individual in a mitigation hearing before the ‘‘British Sovereign Bases of Cyprus’’ court in a case for illegal captivity of wild fauna and game;

• Represented successfully a Slovakian individual by achieving the granting of a leave for reinstatement of his high net worth Cypriot company after its unlawful dissolution by his former partners in conspiracy with fraudulent creditors;

• Acting for the liquidator of a Russian Corporation for the retrieval of its alienated assets by fraudulent individuals and companies through a complex structure;

• Advising a Swiss-Russian businessman in regard with the incorporation and functions of Cyprus International Trust and supervising its operations;

• Advising a prominent Cyprus MP on wealth management and tax affairs and on the incorporation of Inter Vivos Trust, its function and operations;

• Acting for a Greek UBO of a Cyprus holding company, shareholder of a large-scale corporation in Albania for the retrieval of its alienated assets by the former’s trustee involving, inter alia, legal issues such as breach of fiduciary duties, conspiracy, fraud and unjust enrichment;

• Acting for the heir of a deceased Israeli HNWI for the retrieval of the former’s alienated assets by the latter’s partners after he passed away through a Cyprus, Moldovan and Panamanian structure and numerous fraudulent schemes;

• Advising a large-scale cosmetic’s distributor in regard with all the legal matters deriving from the functioning of the former;

• Settling successfully a case of sexual harassment of an employee in her workspace, a large-scale Corporation of Russian interests in Cyprus, by her former Director;

• Advising a Russian HNWI for his investment in a Cyprus Shipping Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) in connection with the Cyprus Programme for acquisition of Citizenship by Investment.

• Advising an Italian Shipowner corporation in relation with the construction of a ferry in Greek Shipyard;

• Acting for Cypriot expatriates whose brother was murdered during the bicommunal conflicts in Cyprus in 1958. The case is before the European Court of Human Rights against the United Kingdom for breach of human rights such as the right to life and fair trial due to the grievous incapacity of the Colonial Government of Cyprus to administer justice in the said case as well as similar cases involving both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot homicides;

• Advising a large-scale South Korean Biopharmaceutical company regarding the European Union legal framework for their entry to the European market;

• Acting on behalf of a boat owner before the Admiralty Court in relation with a collusion caused by a yacht in the Limassol Marina;

• Advising a Hungarian HNWI and digital currency investor concerning the setting up of a business structure involving Cyprus and other jurisdictions;

• Acting on behalf a Cyprus individual in a lawsuit who is currently in a critical mental and physical condition due to gas leakage occurred during her accommodation with her family in governmental residences;

• Acting on behalf of a Cyprus individual concerning a lawsuit against an Insurance Company in relation with a car accident caused the miscarriage of the former’s child;

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