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Andreas Hadjichristofi
Advocate - Legal Consultant

Andreas Hadjichristofi has experience of a broad range of indemnity and workplace disputes as well as personal injury claims. He advises his clients with a practical and commercially realistic approach in respect to all insurance issues. including policy wordings, total and permanent disability claims, coverage and claims procedure and management, where indemnity is denied.

Andreas has acted and settled various motor vehicle accident claims, public liability accident claims, workplace injuries and medical negligence claims. He is well versed in reviewing employment policies and benefits and has acted for both employers and employees in workplace disputes, including responses to Workplace Health & Safety Act prosecutions, unfair dismissal proceedings, wrongful termination allegations at common law, advising upon the value of a timely commercial outcome.

Andreas holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sussex.

Andreas qualified as an Advocate in 2015.

• Acting for the guardians of a minor involved in a serious car accident under a negligence claim filed against the insurance company and the public transport company;

• Acting on behalf of the plaintiff in a serious car accident on a pedestrian crossing caused

• Acting for the probate and estate administration of a UK – Cypriot citizen whose heirs involved recognised children born out of marriage;

• Acting for a Belgian based IT company involved in civil proceedings for unpaid services initiated against a foreign bank whose license has been suspended by the Central Bank of Cyprus;

• Acting for a Ukrainian UBO whose Cypriot company suffered damages as a result of the suspension of the license of a foreign bank by the Central Bank of Cyprus;

• Acting for an ex-military servant in a personal injury claim during his service at the National Guard which resulted in serious knee injuries;

• Acting on behalf of the plaintiff in a personal injury claim involving allegations of negligence of the employer resulting in electrocuted;

• Acting on behalf of the plaintiff in a personal injury case involving medical negligence resulting in permanent right eye loss and left eye sight impairment;

• Acting on behalf of the plaintiff in a personal injury against the General Hospital case alleging violation of the health and safety regulations at work as a result of an attack on a nurse by a drunk patient;

• Acting on behalf of a business in a negligence claim against the competent public bodies as a result of the damages caused to their premises after an intensive rainfall and municipal piping flooding;

• Acting on behalf of a pharmaceutical company and settling unlawful termination action filed by a former employee;

• Advising a high-ranking officer of an IT company in relation to unlawful termination allegations raised against him;

• Advising a group of ex-bankers in relation to their employment and pension rights as a result of various exit schemes and packages offered by their employer;

• Advising a leading pharmaceutical company in relation to the applicable employment legislation and redundancy related rights;

• Advising a leading ship management company in relation to employment disputes and internal policies;

• Acting for the debtors in a case involving a counter claim for breach of contract and negligence on the part of the Bank despite the existence of a life insurance policy that secured the loan;

• Acting for the administrator of the estate of a Cypriot officer of the Cypriot Tourism Organisation residing in Athens and challenging its decision to reject the compensation of his medical expenses;

• Acting for an Estonian based company in recognition and enforcement proceeding of two Estonian judgments issued against a Cypriot company;

• Advising a Belgian based company in recognition and enforcement proceeding of a Belgian judgment issued against a Cypriot company;

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